Not My Table!

So many flies.  So much soup.   How come that guy can’t ever remember who is waitress is?


Soup? er…fly.

Episode 22 from season 2.   Sounds awfully crowded for such a small diner!  Plus, is it just me, or does that waitress have an attitude?


Diner Deja Vu

Episode 13 from season 2.  This time it’s stew. Oh and an extra hilarious comedic sound effect for dessert!


Rencontrez le Poulet

Episode 7 from season 2.   After a week of working in a bistro, will Jamie shout “Viva la France” or “Help! Get me outta here!” ?  



Eat Here or We’ll Both Starve.

Episode 20 from season 1.   A mysterious stranger is no match for the veteran waitress at Spiffy’s Diner.


Big Night at a Restaurant.

Episode 8 from season 1.   Jamie accepts a part-time job in a local bistro, only to meet up with a customer who refuses to play by the rules.


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