S&J Specials

We love to get the gang together and celebrate special occasions! 

Here are some of our favorites!

2011 New Year’s Eve Talent Show!

Remember- it’s not a contest!  Happy New Year’s!

Did You Ever Have to Shake Your Behind?  (Japanese Version)

Here’s a special show we did in September of 2011.  Our Japanese  friends Yutaka and Ayumu loaned us their voices for a translated version of our season 3 opener.  There are some differences. Can you spot them?

2010 Christmas Special!

Socky, Jamie, Socky’s girlfriend Hedda, and a special visitor in a red suit and white beard make for a memorable Christmas Eve!  Even Johnny Spampinato shows up for some Holiday Cheer !

Halloween Spookatacular!

Our extra-scary soiree from 2011. BOO!

Check out the cool Frankenstein mask at the end.  The pic is courtesy of our pal, Stan Demeski.   Stan is the drummer with The Feelies- the New York area’s best-loved, and most influential underground rockers.

Anyway, Stan tells us, “…the mask  was from a craft/toy called ” Shrunken Heads”, mid 60’s. They gave you several thin plastic molds and a special
“mixture”  to fill them with. Upon drying it would shrink. The Frankestein one was made with plaster when we ran out of the mixture. That’s why it’s not shrunken. My dad made it and painted it.”

Pretty cool! No? Thanks, Stan!

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