Overture, curtain, lights.

 This is it, the night of nights.

No more rehearsing and nursing our parts.

We know every part by heart.  

A Walk in the Woods

Episode 23 from season 2.  You never know who you’ll meet in the woods- so BEWARE!

Jenkin’s Donuts

Episode 20 from season 2. With employment at an all-time high, is it really wise to quit without having another job lined up? Ah, who cares!

Please Focus.

Episode 10 of Season 2.  A great episode written by our friend Sharron from Alabama.  She actually won a box of Tastykake Krimpets for writing it!  Thanks, Sharrrrrrr!

 Playing doctor or playing Post office? You decide.


Say What?

Episode 6 from season 2.  Here’s Jamie as gameshow contestant (and Herb Stemple wannabe ) Little Mary, and Socky as your genial host Jack Baxter. Great wig, Jamie! 

Dial “M” for Mosely

Episode 1 from season 2.  Duffy’s Tavern – where everybody knows your name– or do they?

Notice that Socky and Jamie never appear on camera together!  The original music for this episode was composed and performed by our friend, Ben Model.

Ben, who also acted as a consultant for this episode,  is one of the USA’s leading silent film accompanists, and has been playing piano and organ for silents at the Museum of Modern Art in New York for  close to 30 years!  Check out his site here:

Teacher’s Pet

Season 18 from season 1.   Prosperitas Per Ardor Eruditio – (Success through Impatient Teaching.

Big hands = big laughs!  Again with the mustache.

Assignment: CRIME! 

Episode 16 from season 1.  When crime rears its ugly head, the detectives of precinct #2 promise to get to the bottom of things and realize that no job is complete until the paperwork is finished! Written by fan Katina M (from Texas!)


Animal of the Mind

Episode 9  from season 1.  White is black- black is white.  Night is day- day is night.  An endless spin cycle you will find.  When you enter…ANIMAL OF THE MIND!!!  Yessssss, Masterrrrrr.

Jamie’s Shopping Spree

Episode 3 from season 1.  Hijinks ensue when Jamie heads uptown. 

A fan favorite from our first season.  Everyone seems to love Socky’s catchphrase, “HMMMM!  I’ll check the back.”   Also, the way Jamie says  “gol-faaaaaan”.   Great mustache.

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