Season 3

Welcome to Season 3!

Fruity Friends

Episode 7 from season 3.  Jamie sure has some weird friends!



Flee Circus

Episode 6 from season 3.  Miss Jones, the Human Cannonball is fired. Legal action surely will follow!

A Visit to the Library.

Episode 5 from season 3.  Socky & Jamie pay a visit to the local library. What’s with all the shushing?

Tempus Fuhgeddaboudit.

Episode 4 from season 3.  Jamie can’t save time in a bottle, but can she serve it for lunch?

An Important News Update!!

Episode 3 from season 3.  We interrupt this program for an Important News Update!!!

Sweets for My Sweet

Episode 2 from season 3.  The exiting conclusion of episode 25 from season 2.  A trip to the Downtown Candy Store provides a perfect chance  for a lesson in sharing- and another appearance by Socky’s girlfriend, Hedda Nussbaum (not the famous one).

Did You Ever Have to Shake Your Behind?

Episode 1 from season 3.  Jamie’s love of soda and dancing turns into an opportunity to multi-task.

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