Misty Watercolored Memories

Socky from Christmas 2010.  Photo and decorating by Jamie!

 You know Santa?  Well, turns out he was living at the mall by our house! That’s right!  He started living there around Halloween and split right on Christmas eve.  He had a pretty sweet place right by Macy’s.  He was really nice to us and even let us take a picture with him.  Jamie sang him a song she made up about reindeer. He was cool.

Here’s our friend, Johnny Spampinato!  You remember him from NRBQ and the Incredible Casuals, who perform “I Wanna Play Loud”,  our cool theme song .  Johnny wrote that, you know.  Now he’s in a band with his legendary brother Joey and Aaron and sometimes Liam and sometimes Jay.  They’re called “The Spampinato Brothers”. 

Johnny is really great, but sometimes he and Socky don’t get along. 

We think it’s because they’re so much alike!


Speaking of Socky and Johnny- here they are in March 2011, talking it out after one of their “discussions”.  You can bet it ended with a hug, though!


Jamie and Aaron Spade never have any problems.  Unless you count talking all night as a problem! 

Here’s a close-up pic of Aaron’s guitar!  Aaron is a great musician, who has plays with The Incredible Casuals, and The Spampinato Brothers.  Cool!  This is a very rare picture of Aaron’s guitar- because it’s still and not all shakey, and rocky, and twirly!



Stan Demeski, the drummer with The Feelies, is another friend of ours!  Check out the sticker on his road case! Did it bring him luck?  Who knows.  Why risk it?  





Here’s Socky and ‘Lil Socky working on their ventriloquism act.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which one is the dummy.  (We mean that in the good way!)



Here we are at the White House in Washington, D.C.   You would have thought that there would have been more socks out that day. Weird!  By the way, they  really don’t like it if you go on the other side of that fence!


Here’s our buddy, Danny Adlerman!  Danny is an author (with his wife Kim- Hi, Kim! ), and a singer/songwriter.  He is also VERY funny and always smiling!  Sadly, we don’t see Danny too often- BUT when we do see him, it’s like we were never apart!)


Here is a picture of us from the beach. It was taken during the summer of 2010.  That was the day that Jamie lost her hair on the beach! DON”T ASK! Anyway- we had to give her new (longer) hair as soon as we got home.



Of course, Jamie couldn’t resist burying Socky in the sand!

Here’s Jamie without her hair! Look how MAD she looks!!!  Please, please, please don’t tell her that we showed you this picture.  She will flip out!






Check out this cool graphic made for us by our fried, Chris B.  Pretty cool!

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