Tales from the Apartment.

There’s always something happening at our place!

Bubbles in the Sink? Thanks! 

Episode 21 from season 2.  A sock with dishpan hands?! Don’t be ridiculous!

The title of this episode comes from a radio program called “Bubbles in the Thinktank”.  It’s hosted by our friend Belinda (aka Blender) and can be found online at bubblesinthethinktank.com and broadcasting live on Saturday nights on WMFO 91.5FM in Boston at 11pm eastern.   We enjoy appearing  on the show when we can and Blender is always extra generous with the airtime!

Listen for Jamie’s “HMMM! I’ll check the back” reference.  That’s from Socky’s line from episode 3 of season 1, “Jamie’s Shopping Spree”.

Socky’s Robot

Episode 19 from season 2.  Members of the Academy and Hollywood Foreign Press, take note!!  This very well may be Jamie’s finest acting performance. 

Socky’s girfriend Hedda makes another appearance.

Mystery Date

Episode 18 of season 2.  Not so much of a whodunit as a whydunit!

Hello Betty or I Got Out of the Pound For This?!! 

Episode 17 from season 2.   The pair welcome their new friend, Betty! What a sweetie!

This episode features our dog, Betty.  She comes to us  from  “Puppy Love Pet Rescue” a group that rescued her from a shelter in Union, NJ, where she was days away from the unspeakable.

We’re not sure of her age or what sort of mix she is.  WHO CARES?!! We are sure that she is 100% lovable and a true professional on camera and off!  We’re glad to have her on our team!

If you’re looking for a new roommate or maybe a new castmember for your show, you really should consider adoption!  There are plenty of great pets out there waiting for loving homes.

Lazy Sunday

Episode 16 from season 2.  Just a relaxing Sunday around the apartment.

Socky’s Kitchen

Episode 15 from season 2.  Socky is eager to try out a new recipe, but you-know-who has other plans! 

Zookeeper Jamie

Episode 14 from season 2. Jamie’s love of animals lands her a sweet new job at the city zoo! Things are looking up!

House Meeting

Episode 12 from season 2. Uh-oh! The rent is due!

Another terrific acting turn by our Jamie.  A favorite.

Santa’s Cyber Helper

Episode 11 from season 2.  Will Jamie have to deal with an Error 404 when she does some online shopping?

A great holiday episode. In living color!

Jamie Gets Corny

Episode 9 from season 2.  Jamie returns from a trip to the market with more than she bargained for!   Yo, ho, ho, Matey!

Big Trip to the Grand Canyon!

Episode 8 from season 2.  Will an unanticipated delay thwart the pair’s pilgrimage to our nation’s natural wonder?

Flippin’ for the Bird

Episode 5 from season 2.  Will Jamie’s new pet ruffle Socky’s feathers? 

Notice the hushed tone of Socky’s HMMMMM!!!!! He didn’t want to upset grandma’s bird Monty (our guest star Caique)  by being too loud.  Sadly, Monty passed away not long after this episode was shot.  He was a true professional who was always on time and never missed a cue.  We miss him.

At The Waterfront 

Episode 4 from season 2.  A mysterious late night, dock-side encounter proves unexpectedly uneventful.


Meet the Chicken

Episode 3 from season 2.  Socky gets a taste of country living when the pair visits Jamie’s Uncle’s farm. There’s plenty of fresh air and memories to last a lifetime!

Socky’s Date Night

Episode 2 from season 2. Romance is in the air as Socky gets ready for a big date!

Cologne? Check. Breath mints? Check. Hair tonic? Check. Money? Che…. uh-oh.

Here’s another example of Jamie vs. Hedda.  Will they ever be friends?

A Friend in Need

Episode 19 from season 1.  Jamie’s friend, Henry, gets sick at the pajama party, and it’s Socky to the rescue!

Another great Jamie episode.  Truly shows her great comedic timing!  Another example of why we’re so proud to have her on the show!

We All Scream!

Episode 17 from season 1.  The two friends learn an important lesson about sharing.

Socky’s Island Get-a-Way

Episode 15 from season 1.   Socky is back home after a restful island getaway.

Lots going on here!  This episode marks the first appearance of Socky’s girlfriend, Hedda.   The tropical theme is by Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze.  It’s called “Spidey Goes to Tobago”.   Here’s Glenn accepting payment in the form of a S&J “Nice Pair” t-shirt.   

Fancy Footwork

Episode 14 from season 1. Will Socky’s plans for a big night on the town be thwarted by a certain “helpful” friend?


Rise & Shine!

Episode 13 from season 1.   A great episode written by our friend, Robin!

Socky’s Sick Day

Episode 12 from season 1. OUTBREAK!! Has Socky been exposed to a new viral strain? Let’s hope it’s nothing serious!

Socky shamelessly mugs for the camera and really oversells the punchline!  Ferris Wheel Flu! Come on!

Jamie’s Day of Beauty

Episode 11 from season 1.  Jamie is back from the beauty parlor with a new look and attitude to match! Watch out, fellas!

High Finance

Episode 10 from season 1. Tough times don’t last, but tough socks do!  Written by our friend and GM, Michelle!

Olympic Adventure

Episode 7 from season 1.  After Jamie returns from an international trip, the two friends are forced to take a look at some hard truths.


A Dog’s Best Friend

Episode 6 from season 1.  The best friends learn that every dog has his day, but will pet ownership prove too much for the pair?

A Medical Emergency

Episode 5 from season 1.   Coming to terms with a friend’s illness strengthens the bond of friendship.

Someone’s in the Kitchen with Socky!

Episode 4 from season 1.  An invitation to go “South of the Border” triggers a terrible memory!


Visiting a Friend

Episode 2 from season 1.  The two friends plan to visit a longtime friend.

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