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Thanks for visiting our blog! 

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Jamie has some great brownie recipes that she’d like to share with you!  

Just click on the “Hey! It’s me, Jamie!” tab above.



Season 3 of Socky & Jamie is here!

Just click on the Season 3 tab.

If you want to contact us, you can email our manager,

Cousin Argyle, at info@sockyandjamie.com

We are always happy to hear from our friends!  xoxo

Let’s begin at the beginning!

Here ‘s our very first episode from January 2010.

We sure have changed a lot!

About Socky

You might remember me as one of the stars of the almost popular web series, Socky & Jamie. We (Jamie) decided to pack it in after 4 years of hard but enjoyable work. It’s cool. So much like Magilla Gorilla without Mr. Peebles, I’m left to go it on my own. Such is life. I suppose there’s no law against you emailing me at socky267@gmail.com Maybe there is. Not sure.

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